Friday, January 6, 2012

Burger of the Week: The Three Amigos

The Burger of the Week at Liberty Market is "The Three Amigos Burger" and features Cheddar Cheese, Chorizo and a roasted jalapeño with lettuce, onions and a side of ranch dressing on a killer burger! I have a stomach of iron...but even this one made my mouth catch on fire! I was fortunate enough to enjoy this beast with the whole jalapeño thanks to my husband passing it to me. After a few bites full of flavor and heat I was begging for a glass of milk in a frozen glass! I may have been lucky enough to get the hottest jalapeño in the world delivered to me but it was a GREAT addition to the Chorizo!

We ordered it with the side of the day... Brussels Sprouts, plus an extra side! We are one of the few people in the valley that loves Brussels Sprouts as one of our favorite vegetables... They were a great addition with the spice from this burger! {We grow them in our Garden at home as well as purchase them at the Gilbert Farmers Market each Saturday!}

As the heat created tears of happiness falling down my face I enjoyed each and every bite of this bad boy! My husband thought I had lost my mind as I cried and enjoyed every morsel and he said "Most people would take the jalapeño off" and I said "I need to experience what Chef David has created, the whole hot jalapeño"! You may not be as lucky as I was to get such a hot jalapeño but rush down to Liberty Market before Monday to grab this bad boy!! It was worth each and every tear!!

Cant wait to see what burgers Liberty create's this year! Looks like I may do a 52 Burger Challenge... I'm ok with that... Bring it Chef, I'm ready!! 

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