Thursday, December 29, 2011

Burger of the Week: The Big Liberty

It's Burger of the Week Time!
The Big Liberty at Liberty Market is a 100% Ground Chuck Patty, house made thousand island, lettuce ,cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed kaiser roll.

We ordered it Medium with their amazing kettle chips as the side! Cut that bad boy in half and just enjoy the amazingness on a plate before digging in.

Your first bite will be an explosion of flavor from the burger itself and the combination of the house made thousand island and cheese with the crispness of the lettuce!

Liberty Market takes the time to do it right and this is one burger you need to get in and try for sure! This may be a remake of the "Big Mac" from the unnamed fast food place but it BLOWS them across the USA, out of the big blue ocean and across Europe! Yes it's THAT good!

Fantastic Job as always Liberty Market!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barktoberfest 2011!

This Saturday was all about Community & with the Gilbert Farmers Market & Friends For Life's Yearly Fundraising Event Barktoberfest Gilbert was the place to be! We were lucky enough to get a booth at the event and continue our partnership with Friends For Life! Thanks for all of the hard work you all do! 

It's not very often when we are a guest at an event and not putting it on so we got to focus on our Booth & The customers supporting the event! We passed out over 1,000 flyers and talked to so many wonderful people that care about the Community & Rescue! Many of the customers that were at the event stopped by the GFM on the way down so its great to know were getting the word out about the GFM & Our awesome vendors! 

The event was a TOTAL success with 7 Adoptions & 1,000's of people... You couldn't have asked for a better weekend, with perfect weather and a perfect location! We look forward to working with Friends For Life to make next years event even bigger and better! Working together with Local Businesses & Local Rescues makes the Community a better place & were SO LUCKY to have the opportunity to do what we love! 

Be sure to follow Friends for Life on Facebook
Looking to adopt a Dog or Cat? Visit them!!

Oct. 8th 2011 Market

Perfect Weather + Supportive Community = A Great Day at the Gilbert Farmers Market! 
Thank You to everyone that came out and visited us today! 

Kelly & Glen from Desert Roots Farm debuted their Mobile Pumpkin Patch today and they did very well! These pumpkins are grown here in Arizona & when you purchase these pumpkins your supporting the Community here in Arizona! Pumpkins will be available all month long and possibly even into November! 

It was a 4 Legged kind of day at the Market with Friends For Life: Barktoberfest going on down the street! We hope you all enjoyed the market and will be coming back with your furry four legged family members! 

Hannah the Horse is back with her Carriage Rides as of this weekend & as long as the weather stays cool!  Did you get to take a ride around Downtown Gilbert today? If not come visit us next weekend for a ride!

Thank You to EVERYONE that came out & Supported the Gilbert Farmers Market! If you want more information on all of the vendors that were at the market today visit our E-Newsletter from this weekend. 

Thank You from the Gilbert Farmers Market Staff, Vendors & Charities for supporting your community! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st 2011 Market

It's a New Season & A New Month!
Today might have been a toasty 98 degrees but we had a fantastic group of new customers, regulars and two rows filled with lots of new vendors! If you want more details about what vendors were at the market today read our Newsletter HERE

SuperFarm Super Truck was busy feeding our customers all morning long! Here are a few pictures that include their BYO Omelet, Pancake, Grilled Cheese & SuperFarm Bacon Cheeseburger! 

We also started our Reusable Bag Raffle this Saturday and we were busy handing out Raffle Tickets all day! The winner will be announced shortly in the next post! Best of luck to all of that participated! 

We also had Funktional Fitness at the Market getting the word out about our Lose 2 Win Competition starting Next Week! We are working together to get our Community Healthy! Its a 31 Day Challenge and long story short you have a chance to win $1250... THATS AWESOME! 

It's October & that means its coming up to our 1 Year Birthday Bash on October 22nd!! 
In the last year we have accomplished so much and we couldn't have done it without all of you! 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts... We Love our Community!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gilbert Farmers Market Flash Mob!

Saturday September 3rd started off with a nice cool breeze letting us know that Fall is around the corner. We had something fun planned for all of our customers and we were getting ready for it all morning! 
At 9:30AM Sharp the YMCA started playing and all of a sudden we had people dancing... “Ohh its a Flash Mob some customers said!” Most shoppers stopped and watched the show, including a young man in a construction outfit having a blast, and grabbed their phones or camera’s and started recording it! (If you have any pictures or videos feel free to email them to us!) As the song ended the crowd even started cheering the dancers on! Thanks to everyone for coming down and participating in the First Flash Mob at the GFM! 

It was another fantastic market day for our vendors, some even sold out!! Summers are hard for Farmers Markets here in Arizona but it hasn’t stopped you supporting the Gilbert Farmers Market during our FIRST Summer & We want to personally Thank You! Were looking forward to the upcoming Fall Season which means many things including:
* Cooler Weather
* Extended Hours
* Opening up the Second Row
* Bringing in approximately 60 Vendors, 5 Charities, 3 or More Food Trucks & More!
Huge Thanks to FlashMobAz for putting this together, Were looking forward to working with you again! :-) 
Staff of Gilbert Farmers Market!