Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barktoberfest 2011!

This Saturday was all about Community & with the Gilbert Farmers Market & Friends For Life's Yearly Fundraising Event Barktoberfest Gilbert was the place to be! We were lucky enough to get a booth at the event and continue our partnership with Friends For Life! Thanks for all of the hard work you all do! 

It's not very often when we are a guest at an event and not putting it on so we got to focus on our Booth & The customers supporting the event! We passed out over 1,000 flyers and talked to so many wonderful people that care about the Community & Rescue! Many of the customers that were at the event stopped by the GFM on the way down so its great to know were getting the word out about the GFM & Our awesome vendors! 

The event was a TOTAL success with 7 Adoptions & 1,000's of people... You couldn't have asked for a better weekend, with perfect weather and a perfect location! We look forward to working with Friends For Life to make next years event even bigger and better! Working together with Local Businesses & Local Rescues makes the Community a better place & were SO LUCKY to have the opportunity to do what we love! 

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